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Friday, October 14, 2011

Perfection Smokeless Oil Heater Restoration

I have a model 530, Patent year 1918, Perfection Smokeless oil heater that i am restoring.  So far, i have mostly taken it apart, starting with unlatching the top from the bottom, taking out the hinge screws so that it is two main pieces, then taking out the bolts holding the lid to the top piece, and taking off the one bolt that holds the latch which i have sanded.  i also have sanded the piece i will hereby refer to as the shield as im not sure of its exact purpose. its the round piece between the top and bottom.  i have began sanding the top cylinder part, using 320 grit sandpaper.  im not sure of what the original colors were, but im thinking of painting the lid, shield and the 2nd shield at the bottom, as well as the legs silver, and the cylinder parts black.  the kerosene resevoir simply lifts out of the bottom piece, and im thinking of painting its outside black as well.  i havent taken that part apart, so i dont know its particular anatomy, but it might need a new wick.  basically the heater will be a show piece/decorative, but i want it to be complete and as far as i have researched the wicks are still widely available.  Its a tedious project to be doing by hand and makes me wish i had a sandblaster...


  1. You could try heating the paint with a blow torch. The paint should bubble up and be removed more easily. There is a youtube video on how to do this.

  2. I have restored several of the Perfections. The painted sections, assuming they are factory hi-heat can just be wet sanded and painted with VHT, 900 deg F Caliper paint. If there were any nickel (chrome) sections, a wire wheel on a high speed drill works great. They you cvan finish with either paint or polish the metal and clear coat with Alvin 1200 deg. F. Gloss High Temperature Clear. New wicks can be obtained from Miles Stair (http://www.milesstair.com/) You want Perfection 500 wicks. For fuel you want water clear K1 Kerosene, not the red stuff. It fouls the cotton wicks. Perfections are not like the modern Japanese (now Chinese) kerosene heaters with fiberglass wicks. Even better is Canadian #1 Stove Oil. CLean the wick with a paper towel every tank of fuel and scrape any tar off the bottom of the flame spreader where the wick touches every tank of fuel too. Keep the wick trimmed level every 5 tanks or so as needed and you will have a nice burning heater that heats up faster and with less smell than the modern units and shuts down with much less smell do to the "snuffing" action of the flame spreader.

  3. didyouget it done and have finished pictures....